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We are specialist in treating: Bedsores, Diabetic foot ulcer, lower leg ulcers, Bone infections, Soft tissue infection, Post-surgical wounds and other types of wounds.



Bed Sores

What are bed sores?

Bed sores are the wounds, developed in severely sick, paraplegic, unconscious and severely trauma patients specially with multiple fractures etc.

Initially at the site there is reddish discoloration which gradually becomes dark with small ulcer. Later on it becomes deep with blackish discoloration. Finally there is infection with pus discharge and dead & gangrenous skin.


Common Sites of Bed Sores

  1. Central part of Lower Back ( Sacral Sore)
  2. Outer side of upper thigh ( Trochanteric sore)
  3. Inner side of upper thigh ( Ischial Sore)
  4. Heel of the Foot ( Heel sore)
  5. Back of the head ( Occipital sore)


Why Bed Sores Develop?

Bed sores develop due to continuous long standing pressure on body tissues in between bones and the bed on which patient is lying.


DocNok Bed Sore Management Team:

Doctor- Plastic Surgeon

Wound Expert- Senior Dresser

Rehabilitation Expert- Physiotherapist

How DocNok Team helps in Management of Bed Sores?

In Management of Bed sore, Prevention is always better and Treatment is difficult.

Prevention of Bed Sores

  • DocNok Bed sore expert team will provide Detail Counseling about prevention of causes , details about regular skin care, different positioning of patients according to site of bed sore and use of different Bed Sore Beds and mattresses.

Treatment of Bed Sores

  • Treatment will vary according to stages of Bed Sore
  • Use of Latest Dressings and ointments to control infection and healing of bed sore.
  • All preventive measures have to be followed in treatment of Bed Sore.
  • Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation
  • Surgery, if needed.



Diabetic Foot

What is Diabetic Foot?

In diabetic foot there is decreased or loss of sensation (Feeling of touch, pain, heat and cold ) with blackening of toes and infection with pus discharge.

Why Diabetic Foot Develop?

-Diabetes affects sensory system of foot leading to decreased or loss of sensation (No feeling of touch, pain etc) resulting easy penetration of infection and trauma.

-Diabetes also affects micro circulation of the foot leading to blocking of blood vessels resulting gangrene of toes and infection.


Diabetic foot Care Team

Doctor- Plastic Surgeon

Wound Expert- Senior Dresser

Rehabilitation Expert- Orthosist and Prosthetist


How DocNok helps in Management of Diabetic Foot?

Prevention of Diabetic foot

  • Control of Diabetes is very important for the prevention of Diabetic foot.
  • Counseling for prevention of Diabetic foot by proper foot care, use of proper footwear and some lifestyle changes.

Treatment of Diabetic foot Ulcers/ Wound

  • Regular care of diabetic wound
  • Use of latest dressings and medicines for heeling of the wound
  • Rehabilitation technique for redistribution of pressure areas and use of proper foot wear.
  • Surgery, if needed.

What clients say about us

PC Gupta

My physio, Dr Pankaj, was super efficient in dealing with my problems and helping me to obtain optimum fitness prior to surgery and following surgery.

PC GuptaDirector - Raj Laxmi Commodities Pvt Ltd
Varsha Jacob

I had opted DocNok Services for my Parents. Both were suffering from chronic knee pain. DocNok Physiotherapist had given them a complete rehabilitation and now my parents are perfectly fine.

Varsha JacobBusiness Entrepreneur