When our heart beats, blood is pumped through arteries and veins , the blood vessels of our circulatory system .

A condition when blood flows through the blood vessels with a force greater than normal i.e. increased pressure against walls of the arteries.

It is also known as the SILENT KILLER as most of the times initially it does not manifest with any symptoms or signs but internal damage continues, often leading to serious problems.

85% of cases of hypertension are of Primary / Essential HTN- Where the cause is not known and family history might be positive; And 15% cases belong to secondary HTN, caused by specific underlying disease or abnormality.

Blood Pressure is measured in units: mm Hg (Millimeter of Mercury) showing 2  figures systolic B.P./ Diastolic B.P. whose normal range lies between 120/80 which varies with age group.


                    RISK FACTORS AND CAUSES

  1. Uncontrollable
  2. Controllable


  • Genetics (Positive family history) – Predisposes you.
  • Race – More common in people with dark skin than in people with pale skin.
  • Age – Our blood vessels become more rigid as we age.


-Headache             – Palpitations               -Panic attacks                    -Uneasiness                                              

-Dizziness              – Restlessness


Timely investigations and B.P. charting for diagnosis shall be done alongwith modification in lifestyle, meditation, exercise and controlling obesity. Low sodium meals, restricted coffee intake and DASH diets are seen to have good effects along with Antihypertensive Therapy and treatment of the underlying cause.


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