Dengue  is a mosquito borne virus infection (Female mosquito Aedes aegypti bite) presented by fever in case of classical dengue, at times bleeding manifestations may take place (dengue hemorrhagic fever) and in few cases it can lead to shock (Dengue Shock Syndrome). 4 types of Dengue virus (1,2,3,4 ) are there. It is a day biting mosquito. Time period between mosquito bite and onset of symptoms is 3 to 7 days.


Sudden onset of fever, headache, pain behind the eyes, severe body ache.

Sometimes can be associated with sore throat, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain.

Red rashes beginning from the trunk could be seen.

Bleeding from nose, Red rashes and spots on abdomen, arms or legs, etc.


 Avoid and eradicate mosquitoes and their larvae, their breeding sites from all the possible places like unmanaged drains, unused rubber tyres, uncovered drums and tubs, roofs of homes and offices.

FUMIGATION in affected areas.

Avoid storing water and try to use piped water.

Use  covered containers, dry air coolers in rainy seasons and pour a drop of kerosene oil in air coolers with water to cut the oxygen supply, thus preventing mosquito reproduction at that site.

Maintain proper hygiene- both personal and of surroundings.

Wear full sleeves clothes, pay more attention when kids are playing outdoors covering body to prevent bites.

Active use of mosquito repellents like liquid repellants, ointments, fumes, net mesh, etc.



#Antipyretics like paracetamol, cold sponging of whole body, avoiding chest area in children and adults with throat infection.

# Give plenty of fluids orally along with normal diet (water, soup, milk and juices etc.)

# Complete rest is advised.

# To investigate & keep an eye on Hematrocrit (blood) values and Platelet count. #Donot take Aspirin or Brufen tablets on your own for fever.


 Immediately consult a doctor if any of the following manifestations appear :


Red spots or points on the skin,                                                                               

Difficulty in breathing.

Bleeding from nose or gums.

Frequent vomiting , Excessive thirst (dry mouth).        

Vomiting with blood.                                                                                           

Constant crying.                                                                   

Black stools.                                                                                                                    


Pale, cold or clammy skin.


Fever is easy to recognize clinically in most cases, Blood investigation findings help monitor severity and prevent complications. Patient infected with dengue must take plenty of fluids and rest along with antipyretics like Paracetamol only. Self and over the counter medications should be STRICTLY AVOIDED.

.Complications associated with dengue fever usually appear on 3rd to 5th day of illness.

. Observe the patient for two days even after fever disappears.

. Severe cases need timely intervention, hospitalization, I.V. Fluid therapy, extremes may need blood transfusion also.


Stay covered, Stay hydrated, Stay clean and Stay safe.

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